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Brisbane eBike repairs

I live in Brisbane and had an eBike that needed repairing. You see, I recently had an issue with my Zoko 500w eBike in that the gears became jammed and I somehow magically thought [...]

Photos from Singapore Zoo

Today Dale & I went to the fantastic Singapore Zoo! Check out some of the photos from the Singapore Zoo below, or read my blog from Singapore here (for Day 38), or here (for Da[...]

Photos from Singapore (City)

For the last two days, Dale & I have been enjoying the wonderful (but humid!) city of Singapore! Check out some of my Singapore photos below, or read my blog from Singapore her[...]

Christmas already?!

So apparently Christmas is this weekend. What the?! Where did the year go? The last thing I remember is celebrating Australia Day, then I go back to work for a bit and apparently n[...]

Almost back to normal

A few weeks back, I promised I'd blog more often. I was hoping to blog at least once a week, but then I remembered how hectic the end-of-year is for me. Pretty much from November u[...]

Dogs vs. Cats

Still going through my "funny things to blog" folder from 2007, we come across another gem between Eddy & I...  Andy to Eddy: I love rain! Panda’s favourite weather, heh[...]


It's that time of the month again! Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live (another parody) A tweet may only be 140 characters, but behind the scenes it's thousands! Cute video: [...]