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My EuroTrip Blog – Day 7

Today begins our fantastic Globus tour through Europe! We awoke at 5:30am, showered, packed our bags and wandered outside for breakfast. Sadly we had to be "ready to go" by 7am, me[...]

Botanical Cafe

If you've ever been to the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens over the years, you'll probably remember the cafe near the entrance. I first remember it as a child and it used to be "cafete[...]

RIP Wesley Deam

I received a phone call from mum this morning about an email she had received overnight. The email, sent from Facebook, advised of a new message in her inbox from one of her friend[...]

Weird Dreams

I've been having a few weird dreams lately... here are what I remember of them: Apparently I'm a politician In last night's dream, I was apparently the head of a political pa[...]

2009 Roundup

With 2009 almost over (can you believe NYE is less than 3 days away?!?! Eep!), I thought I'd reflect back on what has been a pretty good year for me. January In January, I sp[...]

Made a dump lately?

Before I begin, this isn't about whatever you probably think it's about. Get your mind out of the gutter (or should that be sewer?)! Haha... So what on earth am I on about? Well[...]

Back in the old days...

As I finish yet another evening of audio mixing for one of my clients, it comes as no surprise that I often have flashbacks to the way my job used to be. I started my first busi[...]


I've been meaning to post on this topic for a while, but I never seem to get around to it. Until now! haha. Actually, I'd jotted down a note to talk about this when I awoke one mor[...]