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Gas Kitteh is back!

I don't know who's cat this is or where it comes from, but I shall name it GasKitteh™, because it always sits on the gas meters outside :-P

Kingscliff Easter Holiday

This Easter long weekend, Blake, Ryno, Phill, Jacob, Jake, Elliott, Dale & I headed down to Kingscliff to Jacob's parents apartment at Peppers Salt Bale for a lovely, relaxing [...]

If I ever get a cat...

If I ever get a cat, I hope it... Closes any tiny lids that I open Rides around on Roomba's Swipes at my printer Swipes at dogs from its Roomba Slides down slides Sne[...]

Bella the kitteh

Mum & Barry recently got a cat called Bella (about 19 months old)... and she is awesome! Unlike Jake & Ryno's cat (now dubbed 'The S.B.C.') which just scratches and bites t[...]


Thanks to my friend Kerri for sending this email around, way back in 2008. True, eh?   1. Triangular sandwiches taste better than square ones. 2. At the end of every pa[...]

Dogs vs. Cats

Still going through my "funny things to blog" folder from 2007, we come across another gem between Eddy & I...  Andy to Eddy: I love rain! Panda’s favourite weather, heh[...]


Woot! It's that time of the year again... here are some clever / funny / interesting & silly random's (quite a few videos, btw)! Floating cat... wtf?! Static balloon cat [...]


Yes, it's that time of the month again - when I go through my growing "To blog..." email folder and trim it down to size with some random funny's & what-not's... Super-fast[...]