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Long time no write!! Bad Andy! hehe :P Wow. Doesn't time fly!!! I can't believe it's 2002 already! I spend Christmas Eve (our family, being German, celebrates Christmas on the nigh[...]

Brandt this, Brandt that

It's over! 4 concert productions certainly kept me, my family & my partner busy! It all started a few weeks ago when we began rehearsals, then the concerts on Sunday, Monday &a[...]

Busy at work

Hello there :) Nothing too much has been happening lately, apart from 50,000,000,000,000 things going on at work.... but I guess being busy is better than not being busy. Lots of w[...]

More clubbing!

Wow... what a night! I had dinner here at home (as you do :P), and arrived at one of my favorite clubs (The Beat) at around 10pm... it was kinda empty, so I just sat around outside[...]

Concert productions

Hrm... It seems I haven't done one of these for quite some time, so I thought I'd better go ahead and write one. This time of year is always really, really busy and spare time, if [...]

PMS Cafe

Well, well, well... another Tuesday night it is. Another cool day at work doing a quote for a web site. I'm really getting the hang of these quotes now. I guess they're an importan[...]