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Sick of being sick

Last Wednesday night, I developed what felt like a phlegmy cough - except without the phlegm. But it was the type of cough you'd normally get towards the end of a flu or something [...]

Roast Night

Last night, my BF Dale & I invited Jake, Ryno, Sammy, Mark, Kerri & Deb over for a Roast Night... which is basically just a fun night of games and food (in the form of a ro[...]

Mafia Birthday Party

On Saturday night, we went to C Word bagels & coffee bar to celebrate a close friends 30th birthday. The evening had a "Mafia" theme, given we were playing a Mafia-style game i[...]


Woot! It's that time of the year again... here are some clever / funny / interesting & silly random's (quite a few videos, btw)! Floating cat... wtf?! Static balloon cat [...]

Pizza & Games Night

In late July, a bunch of mates came around for a pizza and games night where, you guessed it, we made our own pizza and played some games. Although, we didn't end up playing any ga[...]

A relaxing weekend

This weekend has been fairly relaxing, which is good - because I needed it to review from this silly flu-thing that I have. I've spent a lot of the weekend either sleeping or just [...]