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Number 128

Top o' the evening to you! *tips top hat, adjusts monocle & checks time on pocket-watch with gold chain*. Today's blog title comes from busses. Yes, that's [...]


Morning all! It's about 8am on a Sunday morning and while I should probably by lying in bed next to my boy (who's currently down there sleeping ...and probably [...]

Sunday Funday

Whenever there's a public holiday (and we don't have to work on the following) Monday, our gang likes to head on in to The Beat nightclub for their Sunday Funday sessions. Here [...]

Secret Santa

Our extended group of friends gets together each year for Secret Santa. In 2008, it was held at JoJo's in the Queen Street Mall, due to their variety of foods. Here are the p[...]

A fun weekend!

We had a great weekend just now... helping our friend Kerri setup her bed, having yummy dinners (at Wagamana's), making home-made pizzas, playing games, etc. Here are some photo[...]

Surprise Chef

Our group of friends often gets together for games & dinner nights. This one was no different, with the theme being ‘Surprise Chef’. Half of the group buys a bunch of ingred[...]

New Years Eve

This time round, we decided to spend New Years Eve at home, since every other place is virtually packed with people. Here are some photos from our night...

Himalayan Wraps

Good afternoon all - I hope you are well. My day at work was pretty good today - the boss is back from his 3 weeks away doing training, tradeshows and various other [...]

Interesting statistics

I was looking at my website statistics in detail the other day (as you do), and found some interesting things, such as the following... Australian visitors spen[...]

New Years Eve

This time round, we decided to spend New Years Eve at our friends place at Southbank. Here are some photos from our night...