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Roast Night

Last night, my BF Dale & I invited Jake, Ryno, Sammy, Mark, Kerri & Deb over for a Roast Night... which is basically just a fun night of games and food (in the form of a ro[...]

The Vicious Retail Cycle

I recently took part in a discussion with friends regarding an alarming trend that they saw forming in some of Australia's larger retail stores. Said friends work in retail (some[...]

Melbourne 2010

It had been planned for almost a year - a trip to Melbourne with 8 others, following a successful & fun trip back in March 2009. Unfortunately, 3 days before our trip this year[...]

RIP Wesley Deam

I received a phone call from mum this morning about an email she had received overnight. The email, sent from Facebook, advised of a new message in her inbox from one of her friend[...]