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Roast Night

Last night, my BF Dale & I invited Jake, Ryno, Sammy, Mark, Kerri & Deb over for a Roast Night... which is basically just a fun night of games and food (in the form of a ro[...]

Making pizza

I enjoyed the other night's Pizza & Mario Kart so much, I decided to make another pizza for dinner the next night. Here are some photos from the construction process... :P Pho[...]

Pizza & Mario Kart night

Last night we had a few friends over (11 of us in total :P) for a MYO Pizza & Mario Kart night. Everyone made their own pizza - even Sammy & Mark, who bought one, then adde[...]

MYO Pizza Night

Our group of friends often gets together for games & dinner nights. This one was no different, with the theme being ‘Make Your Own Pizza'. We also often play Mario Kart toge[...]


Morning all! It's about 8am on a Sunday morning and while I should probably by lying in bed next to my boy (who's currently down there sleeping ...and probably [...]

Last day

Good afternoon all! Long-time no-write, but I've been on holidays, so can you blame me? :P That, and I'm working behind the scenes to redesign this website - w[...]


Ello all, just a quick one today as it's lunchtime and I'm a bit hungi! So far today I've done two loads of washing, cleaned me room and also cleaned my computer.[...]

Dracula's 2008

Good evening all - and what a great week it's been so far. On Friday night, my boy came over and we packed our bags for the Gold Coast. We got a lift down with Jakey [...]


Hewwo folks - I hope you're well - I am; albeit rather sore, after my punishing workout this afternoon. I can say, however, that I broke many personal 'records' (for [...]

Back from New Zealand!

Good afternoon all. Just a quick one to let you know that I have landed - from outer space. No, just kidding - I have returned from a lovely trip to New Zealand - my [...]