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Flippin' Flattie

It's been forever since I've written an actual "Dear diary"-style blog post, so I thought I'd get off my behind and write one; albeit a short one to start off with. So... how ha[...]

Jacob's 23rd Birthday Party

Yes, it's been a whole two years since Jake's 21st birthday; a large group of friends & family gathered at Jake & Ryno's place to celebrate his birthday over the weekend. [...]

Bella the kitteh

Mum & Barry recently got a cat called Bella (about 19 months old)... and she is awesome! Unlike Jake & Ryno's cat (now dubbed 'The S.B.C.') which just scratches and bites t[...]

The Ghost of Schonell

Oh wow, what an awesome dream. First Christa Pudmenzky (mum), Wes (RIP), Hamish & I setup an awesome stage-set at Schonell featuring a full-size car as a swinging pendulum. The[...]

Flooding at Colleges Crossing

Back in November when the SEQ Water Board first opened the Wivenhoe Dam floodgates (November 16th, from memory), a lot of excess floodwater was sent down the Brisbane River. Colleg[...]

Christmas 2010

As a German family, we have always done the whole Christmas gift-giving & opening thing on Christmas Eve. I find it's actually a lot nicer because it's cooler at night (...the [...]