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It's a bit of a DISHue

I invite you to take a trivial & humorous look inside the inner-workings of a Virgo mind... Dirty dishes... everyone has them from time to time. Actually, most people have t[...]

New Zealand (D4)

Thursday... my last full day in New Zealand. Like all days before it, I'd woken from a great, deep sleep. This trip has been the first time in months that I've been able to have a [...]

New Zealand (D3)

Day 3 in New Zealand was a very productive one. I woke at around 7pm and got ready for work... the drive in was fairly good again. I must mention that New Zealand radio is quite fu[...]

New Zealand (D2)

Last night ended with a lovely roast dinner that Steff had cooked and some of the best baked potatoes I'd ever had - cooked in boiling garlic water then in the oven for a while wit[...]

New Zealand (D1)

I'm in New Zealand at the moment for work so I thought I'd post an update for you. My boy dropped me off at the airport at 5pm last night, on the way home from a fun weekend wit[...]

Gold Coasting (D3 – D5)

D3 – Thursday 8th October 2009 Thursday was another great day at the convention - we had two tradeshow sessions (morning tea and lunch) and at 3pm, everyone piled onto 3 coaches[...]


Good evening everyone! I had a really good day at work today - I think being in NZ for a week and working in their office has given me a bit of a fresh start - plus [...]