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My EuroTrip Blog - Day 36

In yesterday's blog, I had closed by having just boarded the plane... we were seated right up the front of the Economy section - with toilets about 20m behind us. The good thing ab[...]

Mt Tamborine

After having lunch at Spice of Life Cafe & Deli (click for those photos), a bunch of us (Ryno, Jake, Sammy, Mark, Edz, Sam, Sarah, Deb, Kerri, Dale & I ...I think that's al[...]

Wisdom Teeth Removal - Day 1

Continuing on from my Day 0 post, Day 1 went better than I thought. The operation went off without a hitch... I arrived early, went to the loo as requested and met the team of thre[...]

Ribs, weights, plates & HDD's

Evening all! I haven't done a dear-diary blog in a while, so here goes. This week at work and the weekend just gone was pretty good. During the week at work, I finalised the compan[...]

My top-20 Android apps

I've had my wonderfully amazing HTC Desire from MobiCity for almost a week now and, after many late nights tinkering with many apps, I've come up with a list of 20 of my favourite [...]

Gold Coasting (D3 – D5)

D3 – Thursday 8th October 2009 Thursday was another great day at the convention - we had two tradeshow sessions (morning tea and lunch) and at 3pm, everyone piled onto 3 coaches[...]

Max Ripoff Chocolate Bar

On Sunday, my boy & I (along with friends Iain & Joel), decided to go down to Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast for a spot of shopping. We started off the day with a lat[...]

Holidays (D13 - D16)

Day 13 of my holidays was Thursday... which also marked the first real actual holiday (away from home) so far this holiday period. My boy headed over at around 10am and we left for[...]

Holidays (D11)

Day 11 of my holidays, Tuesday, was a rather busy one - according to my logs, I'd sent about 50 work-related emails to various clients and suppliers for a number of projects I had [...]

Holidays (D1 - D3)

Day 1 of my holidays was spent doing the usual Saturday thing - completing a bunch of work for my company, cleaning the house (including a fairly big clean in the bathroom - as in,[...]